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Behavioral Psychology Can Empower Change.

We were founded on Cape Cod more than 20 years ago to provide expert, professional psychological services focusing on the Cognitive and Behavioral approach to diagnosis and treatment of psychological matters to under-served populations, with an emphasis on difficult-to-diagnose and difficult-to-treat psychological disorders. Our goal was to introduce services that would emphasize strengths, not weaknesses, and help teach people how to overcome obstacles, exceed expectations and inspire others. Life’s goals are to thrive and not merely survive what Shakespeare called, “The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” Because, in other words: Life Happens. Our goal is to help people move forward, not remain stuck or trapped in the past, and to teach others in the helping professions to do the same.

Since then, we have grown to provide Behavioral & Psychological Assessments (including School Psychology Assessments, Special Education and Neuropsychological Assessments); Clinical Psychological Services to adults and senior citizens; Forensic Assessments for criminal and civil procedures, including immigration, divorce and custody matters; Clinical and Case Consultations to other professionals; Executive Coaching and half-day and day-long seminar training to employers, employees and school and college personnel; Continuing Education services to schools and colleges; Clinical Child and Family Psychological services to children (including very young children), adolescents and families; and Professional Education Services to the those in the Mental Health, Legal and Medical Communities.? You can find more complete descriptions of these services throughout our website.

Consultations and Clinical Inquiries:

All clinical services are under the direct supervision or provision of Michael Abruzzese, Ph.D., HSPP.  Dr. Abruzzese is a licensed clinical psychologist and also a licensed school psychologist. Formerly a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, he is also a  Clinical Instructor at the Tufts University School of Medicine and has taught at major universities on the East Coast.

Dr. Abruzzese may be contacted through our office for consultations and clinical inquiries at: 508-775 6766.

Insurance and Billing

The insurance climate changes frequently and as you are no doubt already aware, very few health professionals take every insurance. Basically, that’s because insurance companies either make it difficult for the health care provider to do business with them and the professional eventually decides not to accept that insurance company’s plans or the insurance company just doesn’t want to add any more health care professionals to their “panel” of providers because it doesn’t suit their business plan.

The person paying the price for such insurance company shenanigans, of course, is the consumer.

At our office, like every other office, payment is expected at the time of service. We are plan providers for Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield Products, Medicare (not Medicaid or MassHealth) and Tufts Health Plan (only their Commercial Plan, not their public health plans. Why?  Well, they won’t tell us, so…). BUT PLEASE NOTE: if your insurance card has two different insurance company names on it, you may NOT exactly have the insurance coverage you think you have, especially if you have a Tufts plan. Nearly every insurance company “carves out” behavioral health benefits to be administered by ANOTHER insurance company and it is often that OTHER insurance company that determines if a particular health care professional is on “their panel.” If in doubt, call us or please call your insurance company and ask – usually there is a toll-free phone number on your insurance card to call with questions. Payment is expected at the time of service.

However, if you plan on utilizing any insurance benefit, you should contact your insurance company in advance to confirm that Vista Health Services Inc and Dr. Michael Abruzzese are contracted providers. We are not HMO/network providers for Cigna, Aetna, UBH, AARP or other insurance plans, as we have determined these plans do not treat their providers very well.

Don’t be fooled by insurance companies that may claim that we accept your insurance plan and can bill them. We do not directly bill any insurance company or plan other than than Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare (not Medicaid or MassHealth) or Tufts Commercial Health Plan – no exceptions.

We do not request authorizations or submit medical claims on your behalf to any non-contracted third party and we are not able to assist you with any claim reimbursement or resolution procedures. Our contract is with you, the patient. All services are provided on a privately paid basis and we always provide patients with a detailed billing invoice containing all the necessary and required information, billing codes and other pertinent data necessary for submission to your insurance provider for any possible reimbursement.

We also offer a private pay option for individuals not covered by insurance or not wishing to utilize their insurance benefit for reasons of confidentiality, privacy or personal preference. We offer payment plans and credit card payments through Paypal.

New patients must confirm appointments 72 hours in advance by calling our main office or the appointment will be canceled.

For more information, please call us.

Office Hours, Appointments, and Accessibility:

Clinical services are available only by appointment throughout the week and our offices are not handicapped accessible. Due to the large volume of referrals we no longer offer online scheduling services. Appointments may be made by calling our main office at: 508 775 6766. You may also contact us through this website to inquire about an appointment. For EMAIL CONTACT: Please use our web-based Contact Inquiry Form.

However, if you are experiencing any kind of emergency or crisis, please call 911 immediately for assistance. Do not contact our office, as we cannot provide emergency services.


Using this web site, and any information or e-mail sent or received, including any attachments thereto, is intended only for the visitors to this site and is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute clinical, legal or counseling advice. Nor does contacting this site, nor sending nor receiving email from this site, Vista Health Services, Inc., or other sites owned or controlled by Vista Health Services, Inc. or any of it’s employees, contractors, counselors or vendors, constitute the establishment of any medical, clinical, counseling or therapeutic relationship with Vista Health Services, Inc., its employees, contractors or counselors or vendors.

To ensure compliance with requirements imposed by applicable law and professional practice, please know that any comments, statements or advice contained in any communication from this web-site (including any attachments, downloads or links) is not intended to be taken as a substitute for appropriate face-to face clinical consultations with an appropriately educated, credentialed and licensed health care professional.

Any and all information sent to and from Vista Health Services, Inc. are not confidential and are not privileged and are not shielded or  protected from third party observation unless otherwise specifically stated by Vista Health Services, Inc. and any such information is necessarily limited by the inherent limitations of any communication devices used and any employed technology from origination point to point of receipt and is beyond the control of Vista Health Services, Inc., it’s clinicians, counselors, vendors, contractors and staff.

Any unintended recipient of any communication from this web site or from Vista Health Services, Inc. is hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of any such transmission, including e-mail and any attachments, downloads or links thereto or from, is strictly prohibited.  If recipients receive any communication from this site, including e-mail from Vista Health Services, Inc., its employees or subcontractors, vendors, clinicians or counselors in error, please immediately notify us by return e-mail and permanently delete the original and any copy of the e-mail message and any printout thereof.

Email contacts are not confidential. This is our E-mail Contact disclaimer:

Please know that sending an email to Vista Health Services, Inc. or any of the agency’s staff, affiliates or subcontractors does not create any doctor-patient or agency-client relationship between you and Vista Health Services, Inc., or any of our clinicians or staff.

Please also know that any communication received or sent via this website, including, but without limitation, e-mail requests for information, service inquiries or consultations, does not create any doctor-patient relationship between you and Vista Health Services, Inc., Dr. Michael Abruzzese. or any of our other clinicians, staff, vendors or contractors.

Communications from non-patients or non-clients are not subject to the doctor-client privilege and are not confidential. In addition, please do not send any clinical questions via e-mail because we are unable to fully address the circumstances or nature of your request or issues.

Also, email communications are typically not secure and risk being illegally intercepted.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION TO US. Kindly contact our office at 508-775 6766 with any questions.

By continuing with our web-based contact form, or by contacting Vista Health Services, Inc., Dr. Abruzzese or any affiliates or contractors of Vista Health Services, Inc. as noted above through other email processes, indicates to us that you have read and accept the terms of this disclaimer.

Questions or comments?

This site routinely undergoes reconstruction and updating for your convenience. Please address comments to: Webmaster@VistaHealth.net. Site design and contents are copyright © 2009-2018 Vista Health Services, Inc.


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