Consumer Psychology

The New Psychology Of Behavioral Marketing

We are all consumers of “other things” The CEO of Comcast is a consumer of utilities for the family, the CEO of the local utility is a consumer of cell phone and internet services, the CEO of Verizon and ATT are consumers of groceries and so forth and so on.

Why then, is it so hard to provide good customer service when every CEO knows how important good customer service is to the health of a business?

A lack of education, common sense and a misguided focus on short term results.

Any study of consumer behavior quickly informs the business owner that buyers want to buy products – they don’t have to be sold products or services. Pressure sales techniques, predatory salespeople, scam artists – these approaches are a result of the sales and marketing team reacting to their own lack of expertise in consumer behavior.

The major focus of “Consumer Psychology” is really a group approach to the same behaviors that Cognitive and Behavioral Psychologists focus on with individuals. That is, how individuals, think, feel and react to environmental forces in a closed or open field of experiences, additionally influenced by the deliberate factors of  motivation and limitation that can be put forth by “marketers.”

Basically, it is the psychology of a human’s perception of reality, but not of reality itself.

Consumer behavior is the study of how people live and make choices in their lives, whether by buying or selling items, services or knowledge, or by making choice that “sell themselves” on healthy or unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, eating, exercise, drug use, gambling or other maladaptive behavior that Cognitive Behavioral Psychologists deal with every day.


Behavioral Marketing Strategies

There is on old saying that you can lead a horse to water – that’s an example of marketing – but you can’t make him or her drink. Horse experts know that isn’t true, however, and you can indeed get a horse to drink – that’s an example of behavioral marketing.

Similarly, although you can’t market anything without consumers who can afford to buy, you can encourage or discourage consumers from buying. How you do that is considered a “marketing strategy” and people have made and lost lots of money on such strategies.

For example, if you do not understand your consumer, you have little hope of encouraging to buy your service or product. Similarly, you have little or not hope of encouraging them to vote for your candidate, buy your house, eat your healthy food product or go out on a date with you.

Similarly, the recent web experiences of social media and false recommendations or complaints have re-introduced to businesses the concept of good customer service and dependable products. By understanding consumer behavior, entrepreneurs and executives can use that knowledge to position their companies to improve their customer services as a sales and marketing tool that encourages more responsible sales and marketing techniques.

The best sales and marketing techniques are those that serve customers, not businesses, best. While marketing serves to introduce ideas and create interest, sales involves the exchange of money for those ideas and interests.

And knowing consumer psychology and behavioral marketing techniques not only allows businesses to better serve customers, it makes better consumers of us all. Which means that we become more educated and sensitive to how we value and spend our money, time and experiences.

The Neuropsychology Of Selling

Combining the concepts noted in the sections of Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology and Consumer Psychology, The Neuropsychology Of Selling is a training and coaching program that focuses on the new psychology of Behavioral Marketing. As such, it is applicable to both buyers as well as sellers engaged in the new economy.

It is suitable for non-profit organizations that seeks to protect senior citizens from predatory sales techniques, health care organizations and governmental agencies that hope to persuade consumers to adopt healthier and more productive lifestyle choices to combat disease and live longer, healthier lives, businesses that value a professionally trained and ethical sales staff that want to ensure a stable and trusted customer base and niche marketers who have a deeply loved product or service and they want to share with others.

Different from other “sales and marketing” programs, The Neuropsychology Of Selling is based on solid science and links the multiple areas of human experience to techniques applicable for persuading and influencing individual consumers and top decision makers, including such areas as:

  • Positively influencing the gifted or wealthy buyer or seller
  • Protecting your buyer or seller from predatory sales techniques and scams
  • Hastening (or hindering) the development of rapport
  • Recognizing self-sabotaging sales techniques
  • Understanding the needs of buyers and sellers with learning challenges
  • Helping buyers and sellers with Anxiety, Depression and ADHD make better informed choices

This training is available as a corporate training, keynote presentation, coaching seminar or Power Point download. Please contact us for more information.


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